Best Type Of Women Clothes To Women’s Fashion Clothing

August 27, 2016

Workouts and exercises have become part and parcel of everyones life. There are huge benefits of doing workout and exercises. While doing exercises or workout you can do in whatever the cloths you want, it is vital to wear comfortable cloths. Wearing comfortable clothes doesnt give you any sort of difficulties in performing workouts.

New Year’s Makeup: How to Make It Last All Evening

August 20, 2016

New Year’s Eve – it’s a time for shedding old limitations and stepping into a new, more fabulous version of you! However, one thing you don’t want to shed as you trot from soiree to soiree is your makeup. With smudgy, melting makeup, ladies end up looking bedraggled and tired at midnight, just when they • Read More »

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Pakistani Fashion Is Redefining Universally

August 14, 2016

Pakistani designers like Ayesha Somaya, Deepak Parwani, Faraz Manan, Sania Maskatiya and the label they represent need no introduction. They have already gained fame both internationally and locally because of their creative work. Their work is the great illustration of their talent. Their exclusive designed clothes are appreciated by all over the world due to • Read More »

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Reducing and Removing Cellulite

August 10, 2016

My cellulite has been a plague on my miniskirt – and short-shorts – wearing habits since I gave birth to my third child and starting pigging out on every junk food in site. While I haven’t exactly made it my life’s mission, finding effective ways of removing cellulite has become something of a preoccupation of • Read More »


How to Make Your Own Fun Fizzy Bath Bombs

August 3, 2016

What is the best way to unwind after a stressful day? Jump into a hot bath and feel those tight muscles start to relax. Feel the tensions release as you sink into the warmth around you. What could make this better? Bath bombs! Imagine champagne fizzing all around you, tiny bubbles bursting against your skin. • Read More »

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