5 Beauty New Year’s Resolutions (and How to Keep Them)

March 5, 2016

5 Beauty New Year's Resolutions (and How to Keep Them)

When midnight on New Year’s Eve explodes with confetti, kisses and slurred versions of “Auld Lang Syne,” you know it’s time to start putting your new resolutions in effect. Perhaps you are reminded of the resolutions you made last year – and cringe at the memory of letting them dissipate sometime around the end of February.

It’s easy to get a little outlandish when making resolutions; however, unattainable goals are, well, unattainable. When it comes to taking care of yourself and your body, your resolutions should be simple and realistic. Here are five beauty resolutions you can make on New Year’s Eve, along with tips on how to keep them:

1. I will smile more often. You know those white things inside your mouth that bare themselves every time you pull your cheeks back and grin? They’re your teeth, and they deserve to be flaunted! If you’re hesitant to smile because your pearly whites are tinted somewhere between eggshell and cream-colored, then consider investing in a whitening system you can do at home, such as GO SMiLE light-assisted tooth whitening. The GO SMiLE tooth whitening system provides dentist-quality whitening that is affordable and easy to apply.

2. I will moisturize well. Whatever your skin type may be, there is no reason it can’t be pampered. Good moisturizing habits keep your skin youthful and supple, yet many people fail to moisturize adequately. Peter Thomas Roth has designed an array of skin moisturizing products for all skin types: extra oily, extremely dry, a little aged, etc. If developing a skincare routine is challenging for you, try setting your bottle of Peter Thomas Roth moisturizer on top of your towel so the first thing you do after you step out of the shower or bath is apply it all over your body. Pack a travel-size tube in your purse, as well, and moisturize your hands throughout the day.

3. I will stop using my fingernails as a tool. Long nails often come in handy for prying, scraping, picking in flicking. However, these activities can break or damage your nails and ruin your manicure. Instead of using your nails like a tool that hangs on your belt, give them (and yourself) a treat by painting them with lacquer and treating them like precious carry-on luggage. Pick a vibrant, bright color that is fun and flirty, and change the shade every few weeks to match a blouse, a purse or your luscious lips.

4. I will catch more ZZZs. Six to seven hours is the perfect amount of sleep most adults need in a night, but fewer than 40 percent of us actually achieve it. Invest in a set of luxury sheets to make your bed silky and inviting, or pick up an inexpensive sleep mask if your eyes are light sensitive. Buy a soothing sounds clock, and lull yourself to sleep with the rhythmic hum of the ocean or rain – do whatever you can to make your hours of rest as relaxing as possible.

5. I will reduce my risk of skin cancer. There are safer methods to use if you want to bronze your skin throughout the year, and they don’t include baking yourself in a machine or laying out in the dangerous ultra-violet rays of the sun. You can take your pick of the many products, such as St. Tropez bronzer, that give your skin a healthy, bronzed glow. St. Tropez bronzer is rated one of the best for a no-streak, natural radiance. These gradual bronzing lotions build up a natural-looking tan.

It doesn’t take an act of divinity to keep a resolution that beautifies your body and mind. Will it be so terribly hard to flash a white smile or paint your nails a vivacious color? Can you see yourself sleeping more soundly and moisturizing your skin a few more times a day? If you can’t see yourself slipping into a new routine like you would a new pair of designer heels, then don’t make the pledge. This New Year’s Eve, plan on making beauty resolutions you know you can keep!

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