5 Reasons You Should Buy Wellies Right Now

May 20, 2017

5 Reasons You Should Buy Wellies Right Now

What? You still havent gotten your staple pair of Wellington boots this season? Well theres no time like the present if you are planning to get with this fun trend. Not only are these timeless rubber boots practical for keeping feet dry, they are also comfortable, and suddenly extremely trendy!

Here are 5 good reasons you should add a pair to your wardrobe right away!:

Theyre still in the summer sale. All the designer brands have gotten on the wellie bandwagon, and you can be sure that once the summer sales are over, the prices are going to skyrocket with wellies being a part of every new collection for the Autumn/Winter season. Brands like Desigual, Timberland, Dr Martens, Crocs and of course Hunter are all vying for your attention when it comes to next seasons rain boot! Get the discounts while they last!

Wellies were the biggest fashion trend of the summer. And they arent going anywhere for Autumn and Winter, especially they were made for inclement weather! This is one of those trends that will transition perfectly all year round. If you tend to walk and take public transport a lot in the city for going to work or school, or just like to be out and about with friends or your kids, you wont find a more practical shoe for rainy days than a Wellington boot.

New school designs. There have never been more styles and colours of rain boots available ever before! These arent the wellies you grew up with, believe me! Rainbow, glitter, butterfly, leopard and floral prints are just the beginning of what you will find online when it comes to contemporary wellies. Bright red lace-up punk wellies, black biker boot wellies, two-tone neutral styles as well as all the colours you could possibly imagine are finally available, so you can assert your own personal style no matter what!

Wellington boots are versatile in your wardrobe. Tall Wellington boots look great with skinny jeans, leggings, tights, skirts, and even jean shorts! As long as the weather is rainy or the ground is damp, your wellie boots will work with pretty much any outfit. There are even Wedge Wellies, for those wanting a more feminine look to wear to work or out on the town!

Youre a star! These whimsical boots can make us feel like a kid again splashing in the puddlesbut lately weve been feeling more like a Hollywood star! We love celebrity fashion trends, from Uggs to trucker hats, and Wellington boots have been the latest craze, seen on everyone from Kate Moss to Kate Middleton to Nicole Richie to the Kardashians join the star-studded party!

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