At Home Teeth Whitening

March 31, 2016

Ting! The sound of a perfect, shiny smile. The practice of whitening of teeth is one that is steadily growing as more and more people come to the conclusion that they want to manipulate what fate gave them. Tooth whitening products are everywhere as well as at home teeth whitening methods. All you need to do is to find out what they are and how to use them.

Your idea on whitening your teeth is not exactly something that just came up last week. There are lots of reasons to whiten your teeth after all. It can be either wanting to look good as a personal preference or due to a career-based demand, particularly for actors and models.

Causes of Discoloration

Reasons for a scramble for tooth whitening products can be divided into two types: 1) extrinsic or external, and 2) intrinsic or things that are caused by the body. Annoyingly, some people are actually more prone to tooth discoloration.

Common extrinsic causes for discoloration include minute defects in your enamel which allow staining substances to gather and accumulate. A dry mouth could also lead to some discoloration, as food or light plaque doesn’t get as rinsed out as often. The things you drink can also cause some discoloration, like coffee and tea. Smoking or chewing tobacco can also cause some discoloration. Obviously, for extrinsic causes, all you need to do is to stop consuming food and beverages or doing the habits that causes discoloration. You can then use tooth whitening products to restore your teeth.

Intrinsic discolorations are often caused by trauma early in life that can disrupt the growth of enamel. Oddly enough, fluoride supplements can also cause the same issue, as well as fluoride in the water supply. Nutritional deficiencies can also provoke the yellowing and discoloration of teeth. You need adequate calcium and vitamins C and D for healthy teeth. In this case, you need to handle the underlying health issue as the discoloration is merely a symptom.

Tooth Whitening Products

In a bit of good news for people who want to whiten their teeth, there are plenty of tooth whitening products and systems that you can choose from. You can probably find the right one for your purpose and the right one for the right price range as well.

In office or clinic-based methods, bleaching is the most common method of tooth whitening available. Most dentists can offer it to their clients and it comes with amazing results. It takes just a little over an hour in the dentist’s chair to get the white teeth that you want. However, it’s fairly expensive as an option and, thus, isn’t for everyone.

Teeth Whitening Trays and Gels are another example of regularly-used tooth whitening products and are a fine example of at home teeth whitening. They’re just as effective as office or clinic bleaching but they take time. So, they’re not for people who want to get a quick buff before they head out to the prom. Results can take up to a few weeks to appear, depending on the strength of the whitener. There are generally two options here: You could purchase your gel over the counter or from your dentist.

If you’re looking for a faster at home teeth whitening solution, buy the one that comes from your dentist, as these trays tend to be stronger and, thus, take less time to take effect. Another bonus of buying from your dentist is that the trays are custom fit and, thus, are more comfortable. That aspect is actually fairly important, as sometimes you’ll need to sleep overnight with them on. Over the counter trays can fit oddly and allow some bleaching leakage, which can severely irritate your gums.

Whitening strips are an over the counter example of a whitening of teeth option. If you’re looking for the cheap at home teeth whitening solution, here it is. These things also take time to take effect, as with all at home teeth whitening products. Specialized teeth whitening toothpastes are available as well. These specialized toothpastes are full of fine abrasives that can scratch off the stains. Some even have polishing agents to make your teeth even whiter. They’re actually more effective than the other bleaching forms of whitening of teeth.

Ask the Expert

There are numerous other tooth whitening products cropping up by the day. Whitening chewing gum is actually available, if you really like combining the idea of whitening your teeth with chewing a gum. The problem with these new solutions is one shared by any new product – you’re not quite sure whether they really work or not.

Dentists are the best source of information on these, obviously. They’ve kept up to date through continuing professional educations and newsgroups that they’re privy to. If you want more information on whitening of teeth or at home teeth whitening options, they’re the people to ask. Don’t be afraid to consult and start a conversation with them, after all, it’s best that you know the person handling and shoving the hot drill into your mouth.

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