Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

September 9, 2017

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

With advances in technology, we now have the power to pretty much decide to manipulate any part of our looks, from hair color to bone structure to an overall change in facial look. The eyes, in particular, are a fine target for manipulation. Eyebag removal or upper/lower eyelid surgeries have been gaining momentum recently.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, after all. It’s just good sense to want to make that window look good. Cosmetic eyelid surgery or the quick laser blepharoplasty is a great way to dress the eyes up. This fixes up the eyes so that you look less tired and more energetic.

What Does It Want to Do?

Blepharoplasty is one of those rarely discussed cosmetic surgeries but is still one that is still frequently asked for. Also known as cosmetic eyelid surgery, it is basically a series of relatively simple operations and surgeries that aim to reshape either or both the upper and lower eye lids. It is done for both simple aesthetic and more practical functional outcomes, such as if the eyelids are beginning to impair vision.

What Problems Could Occur With the Eyelids Anyway?

Laser blepharoplasty can be used for the upper eyelids in an effort to combat a strange droopy eye look that occasionally occurs. Excessive upper eyelid skin that may impair vision tends to trigger the need for cosmetic eyelid surgery. Some skin is removed from the upper eyelid when the situation is particularly severe.

Lower eyelids, on the other hand, are where eyebag removal surgeries are targeted. Eyebags tend to make people look much older and much more tired than they actually are. Middle age is usually when eyebag removal is suggested. Only in severe and usually genetic cases is eyebag removal suggested when a person is young.

Surgery Details

A cosmetic eyelid surgery usually takes around half an hour to forty five minutes per eyelid, depending on the operation being done. General anesthesia is not required, only local. You don’t even have to stay in the hospital afterwards. The incision is rarely visible, if at all, once the wound heals. As with all surgeries, there’s some pain after undergoing cosmetic eyelid surgery but nothing that can’t be handled with over-the-counter medication.

Whatever you got worked on, there are going to be some after-effects. Bandages are commonly placed on the area operated on and some eye lubricant should be used in case dry eyes occur. Bruising and swelling are, of course, natural but they’ll be gone after around ten days. Eye drops can help if your eyes feel dry or sandy. You should be ready to go back to work from your laser blepharoplasty within ten days.

Eye On You

Many surveys have discovered that your eyes are often the first thing people notice about you and first impressions are, after all, priceless. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make sure that they look their finest all the time. There’s also nothing wrong with wanting a specific look for yourself. Various surgeries are available just for that purpose and cosmetic eyelid surgery is just one of the many options around. If you want to look good, refreshed and younger, you may consider undergoing a cosmetic eyelid surgery.

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