Don the Dawn in Evening Cocktail Dresses

June 2, 2016

Don the Dawn in Evening Cocktail Dresses

There’s something so feminine, elegant and glamorous about evening cocktail dresses that even owning one gives you a high. In fact there are girls who’ve found a huge sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when they’ve bought their first ever dress. For that matter, even the thought of that satiny, shimmery fabric hanging securely in your wardrobe is enough assurance that you are your own Cinderella! And which is probably why evening cocktail dresses are almost a dream purchase. But buying the right evening dress is not a dream task and for all the advice one gets from friends and proud dress-owners, it’s almost critical that you need your own set of pointers. Also given that evening cocktail dresses are an investment and have a long shelf life and also the fact that there’s no off-season for events and parties, a smart purchase is a done deal. So here’s how you can get evening cocktail dresses savvy.

To avoid the run-of-the-mill designs or cocktail dresses that make you feel you’ve been cloned at the event start looking for your dress almost three-months before. This also allows you enough time to make those tucks and snips to give the dress that ‘it-was-made-for-you-alone’ look and feel. The right place to start looking is of course red carpet events not so that you know whom to copy but definitely to clue you into what not to wear! Well, jokes apart tracking the evening cocktail dresses worn at these events will help you define your purchase and narrow your search. There are various styles in the dress. There are some which are flowing and gathered. Others have simple straight cuts but look extremely elegant.

The highlight of a smart purchase is that you get to re-wear your dress without making it obvious. So if you buy something in a color and cut that are now fashionable keep in mind of their longevity. Ask yourself, “Will these be in fashion for long or will they make a return?” If your answer is yes on both counts, you’re heading in the right direction. In short, those dazzling pinks and subdued mauve’s may be in, those beaded necklines and sequined hems may be on everyone, but will that may be not be the case in the next event. Another essential is to keep your body shape in mind. So the right evening cocktail dress is about doing just about a few things right. You get them done and lo behold you’ll be sashaying into evening soirees in style, class and grace.

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