Embellish Your Tutu

August 27, 2017

Embellish Your Tutu

While most people may opt for a ready-to-go tutu, there are some who understand the significance of designing your own. For a child, it is like instilling their own personal style, taste and identity into the tutu.

Looking to get your child a tutu of her own so that she can embellish it with her artistic skills and creativity? Et tu Tutu is one of those stores that provide a base tutu option you can choose from, and a complete kit of adhesive materials, embellishments, glitter, fabric paint, ribbons and exclusive appliqus that your kid will need!

Once you get your creation kit from Et tu Tutu, here are some tips that will help your kid create the most beautiful tutu.

Design Your Template

While creativity cannot be controlled and restrained by predefined models, it is always helpful to have a design in mind before you begin a project. Ask your kid how she intends to go about the project. Will she design the front and back differently? You dont want her to end up using all the decorating items on one side only, leaving bare the other side. Moreover, it is essential that you supervise her progress.

Start With The Ribbons

Beginning on the attachments of the ribbons is one good way to start. This way, the smaller beads and appliqus will not be disturbed or misplaced on application of the ribbons later. These ribbons add a contrasting effect to the tutu, giving it some extra texture.

Attaching The Beads, Embellishments & Appliqus

With the decorating items, let your kids true creativity loose. Encourage her to add the embellishments however she prefers. Just keep in mind that the smaller objects can be attached using a very small amount of glue. They have been designed in a way to adhere to the fabric of the tutu. For larger items, like the appliqus, use the Velcro.

Finally, as the finishing touch, sprinkle adequate amounts of glitter on the handiwork to give your kids tutu that extra special look.

Once the tutu has been decorated, dont forget to allow it ample time to dry off. You dont want your little girls tutu dress to be ruined- not after all her hard work!

Buy Your Tutu Kit From The Best Store

Et Tu Tutu is an online store that offers creation kits for kids to design their own tutus. The establishments mission is to enhance creativity and art in kids by providing them with high quality fabric base tutus, embellishments, and other accessories to help them design their very own customized outfit.

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