Eyebrow Shapes For Your Face Shape

July 6, 2016

Eyebrow Shapes For Your Face Shape

The shape of your face can determine a lot of things, and since your face is the focal point, it’s good to be certain what looks good on you and your face. Today, we are going to focus first on determining your face shape and what shape your eyebrows should be.

For an oval face shape, is said to be the best face shape to have, and goes with just about all kinds of eyebrow shapes.

Heart shaped face works best with a rounded or what is sometimes called a half moon. The half moon looks just like that a half moon going directly above the eye. This shape really helps complement a beautiful heart shaped face.

For a women who has or is somewhat paranoid about having a larger forehead, the best shape to distract and take away from a larger forehead is a flat or flatter looking eyebrow shape. The flat eyebrow shape is almost literally a straight line. This kind of shape also helps keep the eyes from looking up and down more so with a flatter line shaped eyebrow.

For a rounder facial frame, it is suggested to have more of a curved with a higher arch creating more of oval shape. Again the ideal look is to have a more oval shaped face.

Women with a square face shape should try an angled eyebrow shape. This angled look helps connect and make a balance for the jaw line giving you a beautiful look.

When suggesting shapes here are some other helpful tips when looking for what to do and what not do when you go ahead with eyebrow shaping.

Try different techniques such as threading. This is becoming very popular and it actually is a great ancient technique for hair removal. Also when looking for a place to wax, watch out for places that wax with a cloth removal. The best is a hard wax because it can stick better to your eyebrow hairs and actual follicles.

If your going to be the brave woman and do the DIY approach of shaping you should use a white pencil outlining the desired eyebrow shape your wanting. This creates a great guide for you to follow when you start plucking away. Also, remember to use plenty of lines and the best tools to accomplish the job.

Lastly, you should remove one hair at time and not try to take a few, this can give you the best shape for your eyebrows.

Some things that you should not do when shaping. One thing that is becoming a trend is let your eyebrows grow in. The natural look is becoming more popular. If you do not decide to go with the trend at least give your eyebrows some time. It’s too much to be plucking your eyebrows every day or every other day. The recommended time frame for shaping your eyebrows is at least a week before doing it again. One big no is don’t try to shape your own eyebrows using wax please leave that to the professionals only.

We hope these tips can help you decide which shape is best for your face, and what you can do and cannot do when it comes to eyebrow shaping.

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