Getting Rid Of Lip Wrinkles

December 8, 2016

Getting Rid Of Lip Wrinkles

Lines and creases around the mouth are common signs of aging and are often known as lip wrinkles. These can appear in the form of small vertical lines above the upper lip to drooping lines at the corners of the mouth.

Since the skin around the lips is thin and sensitive to gravity and environmental damage, it is often the first to be affected and show signs of aging. Also, because of the increased stress on this skin due to eating, talking, etc, age shows sooner here. as the skin’s collagen wears away, skin becomes less elasticized and more prone to damage due to the decrease in its capacity to hold moisture. All this results in its losing and smooth appearance and the surfacing of lip wrinkles, which can make the mouth appear smaller or sagging. These can also make the use of cosmetics difficult, and are often considered unwanted and unattractive.

In such cases, there are a host of treatments and also some preventive measures available to remove and reduce lip wrinkles, ranging from home remedies to cosmetic surgery:

• You have to prevent lip wrinkles and that is the best way of stopping them rather than trying to stop them later. There are several daily used things which you have to be wary of. The sun is a chief enemy of your skin and can often lead to be the chief cause of wrinkled skin. Lips contain minimum melanin. UVA and UVB rays of the sun and from artificial tanning centers lead to the destruction of natural collagen content of the skin. Also, if you use lipstick on a regular basis lip wrinkles are always a risk. The petro-based substances used in the lipsticks and similar cosmetic products lead to de-moisturization of the lips and the skin as a result becomes dependent on the artificial moisturizers being used. Remember that the skin around your lips is extremely delicate and can be damaged very easily. The preventive measure you can resort to then are sunscreen based lip balms.

• You can avoid smoking if that is possible for smokers. If you do smoke you have to ensure somehow that your lip skin is hydrated on a regular basis. You also have to add necessary nutrients to your lips which will prevent them from being deficient in collagen content. A physician can tell you about necessary nutrients for the skin.

• For milder varieties of lip wrinkles you can always go for some homely remedies. Almond, coconut, olive oil can be used on the kip on a regular basis to keep it hydrated and add enough nutrients to it. In case there are mild wrinkles already you can try out a vitamin E solution every day on the lips to ensure that they are kept fresh. They might also help in removing the wrinkles.

There are some medicines available over-the-counter which help fighting lip wrinkle problems. These might also help make the lips as supple and soft as before. There are in fact some Retinol based ointments that give the lips a powerful shot of vitamin A which helps stimulating cellular production that is stopped with ageing and other kinds of disturbance. These often come in the form of lip balms and glosses and waxes. These products also have some naturally based stimulants.


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