Glycolic Acid Skin Care

January 16, 2017

Glycolic Acid Skin Care

Botox is basically poison, or was at least, until we figured out how to turn Mother Nature upside down. Now, we use botox as a way to make ourselves look better, rather than letting it kill us in the most horrible way imaginable.

Glycolic acid isn’t as bad, but when you think about the word acid, it does conjure similarly horrible thoughts and concepts. Glycolic acid skin care is a new way for you to achieve the exact look that you’re searching for, the one that you believe represents you at your best. Dermatologists combine glycolic acid with water to create a glycolic acid solution, which is used as a chemical peel.

But Where Did Glycolic Acid Come From and Why Should I Put It On My Face?

It’s actually found in some sugar crops. It is non-toxic and is a naturally-occurring hydroxy acid. It can also be created by combining one set of complicated formula with another. Describing the formula themselves in layman’s terms would probably be pointless as there’s no common frame of reference that will allow us to truly appreciate them.

Glycolic acid skin care isn’t for everyone, though. It’s best for people who are trying to turn back the clock or, rather, people who are showing signs of aging. Brown marks, fine lines – all these skin issues are ones that acid can handle. Glycolic acid is also fairly useful against acne, making it a weapon that people in a lot of age brackets can use.

It works by peeling dead skin off your face. It reveals fresher skin underneath, which leads to a youthful look. Long term use can actually combat collagen problems as well, making glycolic acid solution very versatile.

What Should I Expect From Putting Something With the Word Acid On My Face?

When you first use your glycolic acid solution or glycolic acid product, you’ll actually feel some awkward stinging sensations. After all, it’s acid but luckily, humans are very adaptive, which means that the stinging sensation won’t last long. The more you use it, the less stinging there will be. There might also be some dryness or flaking due to the dead skin that have been sloughed off.

Despite the good things it can deliver, there are also some side effects from your acid. The stinging in particular should only last a few minutes. Anything beyond that probably means you’ll have a red face and that you’re using a solution that is too strong. A glycolic acid solution that is too strong can also cause you to shed skin at an uncomfortable rate. It could even make it burn when you perspire.

You could also experience some acne breakouts and flare-ups when you first start using the product since you’re introducing a very strong solution onto your skin. Luckily, your skin will get used to it fairly quickly and the flare-ups should stop after a few months.

When Should I Start Looking Younger?

Like all anti-aging methods, it takes some time for the results to really kick in. If you apply it around twice a day, your skin’s texture should become a lot smoother and generally improve within a few weeks, which is pretty good. If you’re dealing with a small scar, it’ll probably take much longer, sometimes even up to a year of constant and consistent use.

Improvement of collagen issues shouldn’t take much longer than six months. Your skin tone should start to become even within three months which is a fairly good deal, especially if your dermatologist properly prepared your glycolic acid solution.

Of course, that isn’t a guarantee. People are different and every skin is different. It might take less time for you to see results or maybe it’ll take much, much more time.

Go Glycolic Acid!

It sounds great and probably works but it needs to be handled perfectly. Luckily, there are these people called dermatologists who can do that for you. It’s their job, after all. Visit your local dermatologist to get access to your very own glycolic acid skin care kit. They’ll also make sure that the solution is as effective as possible without causing severe sunburn on your face even without you being under the sun.

As with any item, there is some controversy over its efficacy. Truth be told, all anti-aging products tend to be surrounded with controversy. Some glycolic acid solutions only have ten percent acid, which some people say is pointless. The fact that most companies don’t want to increase the acid content percentage of their products due to fears of a mass of face-burned people ruining their reputation, can lead to a lose-lose situation for the consumer.

All in all, you should try it for yourself. Each person’s skin reacts differently to different products. Only in trying it out will you be able to ascertain if glycolic acid skin care is for you. But if it isn’t, at least you don’t have to wonder if you should try it before that big office party.


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