Go Rogue With Brogues: 5 Ways To Wear It Now!

September 17, 2016

Go Rogue With Brogues: 5 Ways To Wear It Now!

You cant get much more classic than a pair of brogue shoes. They have been around literally for centuries, even getting their name from the Gaelic word for shoebet you didnt know that! Typically worn by men for decades, brogue shoes have survived every fashion trend imaginable, and they are still popular to this day! But this seasons brogues arent your grandfathers Oxfords!

Modern fashion leans towards uniqueness and nonconformity, something we would never associate with brogue shoes in the past. But todays brogues are back with a modern, feminine twist. Often mentioned when talking about androgynous fashion, these smart shoes can be worn with a variety of looks and outfits that are anything but boring and serious!

With most major designers creating a brogue shoe for their Autumn/Winter collection, now is the time to adopt this timeless classic, which can be as quirky and fun as you are! Brogue shoes provide a sophisticated allure with the practical aspect of warmth and stability. What are you waiting for?

5 Outfits To Wear With Brogues:

With a little black dress. Yep, you heard right! If you have a business dinner or a formal date, why not pair your little black lacy cocktail dress and a pair of patent black leather brogues with a stack heel? Its one way to stay grounded when your date hands you the bill!

With shorts and tights. Shorts with tights (or leggings) are a great seasonal trend, and the look is brought together perfectly with a pair of casual brogues. Youll love them when you are out shopping and your feet will thank you for not wearing heels!

With a tweed business suit. If you have a job interview coming up, set aside your high heels for a shoe that says you are in control. Nothing says competent like tweed, and if you are looking to make a good impression that sends a no-nonsense message, a pair of brogues in a business meeting is the way to go.

With fitted trousers and a blazer. Well fitted trousers with a tapered ankle and a blazer are the perfect work outfit, and you can be sure your colleagues will take you seriously when you are wearing your practical brogue shoes.

With a flowy floral dress. Brogues dont have to be all work and no play! With a casual weekend outfit that is decidedly feminine, a pair of brogues provide a touch of character that you wont get from a pair of ballet flats . You will love this look!

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