Hair Loss Treatment

February 2, 2017

Hair Loss Treatment

Thinning hair or the loss of hair is part of a cycle but usually hair regrowth makes sure the crown stays around. There are many reasons that this cycle will hiccup or even completely fail to come full circle. During the hair loss days, people tend to need to look for hair loss treatment. And hair loss isn’t only applicable to men, they also occur in women.

Causes For Hair Loss

Strangely enough for most people, childbirth causes thinning hair in women. After a woman gives birth to a child, their hair goes into the part of the cycle that preempts hair shedding. Around three or two months after giving birth, women tend to lose a lot of hair.

Significant stresses to the body such as immense changes in lifestyle or sickness such as a massive infection, massive surgery or even a really high fever can stifle hair regrowth. Thyroid issues, while not stressful, can also cause hair loss, though it’s easily reversible.

Even medications for other conditions can cause hair loss. Blood thinners and gout treatment medications in particular can cause a lot of trouble for people who want to keep their crowns.

Hair Loss Treatment

It is due to this increase in demand that hair loss treatment methods have grown. Luckily, if the cause is merely conditional, as with pregnancy, things will go back to normal in time. If it’s due to a sickness or a fairly severe infection, some antibiotics should solve the problem. However, if your hair loss is progressive or permanent, you may have to look deeper for successful hair regrowth.

Thinning hair or complete baldness can be handled one of three ways – hair replacement systems such as hairpieces, surgery and, of course, topical applications.

Hair loss treatment through hair replacement is the most common and possibly the least risky option around. While surgeries and topical agents can carry odd aftereffects, hair systems are a matter of proper use. This option has two variants: stock and custom. Customized items obviously fit better and look better, while stock items are usually used for costumes rather than actually hair loss treatment.

Surgery is expensive and you need to find a great surgeon, but it’s a more permanent solution and one that doesn’t require you to do something specific every single morning. It does, however, require some hair to still be on your head to make you a candidate. Topical hair regrowth options are also available – Rogaine and Propecia are the two options approved by the FDA. The only problem here is that it only works as long as you keep using it. This is fine if you have the money, but otherwise, a con.

Hair is the Problem

Looks are important; they’re the cover of our inner self, and covers can make the whole package a lot more attractive. Fillet Mignon sold by a hobo tends to not sell well, while one sold by Jessica Biel will hit record sales. It’s why celebrities get paid to endorse products that, if they loved that much, wouldn’t need to be paid for. Thinning hair is something that people want to deal with – hair regrowth options are there for people who want to do just that.

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