Laser Liposuction

May 2, 2016

Looking good varies in importance from person to person. So, for people who find it important enough to shell out lots of money to look good, there’s a relatively new development for them to try – laser liposuction. It’s something that’s been causing a big stir among fat melting fanatics around the world. Apparently, it is a massive improvement over old liposuction methods.

The differences between the two are numerous, from method to recovery period. Read on and see just what laser liposuction brings to the table in terms of fat blasting method.

The Tale of the Tape

Let’s begin with a simple comparison of methods. Old liposuction is heavy duty surgery that requires general anesthesia, which means that they need to knock you out to do it. Fat is essentially sucked out, which leaves a lot of flappy, loose skin where the fat used to be. That is done with a narrow tube that tends to leave scarring where it enters. Trauma is expected, as well as some bruising, though most people can get back to work within a week. The average liposuction to the abdomen easily costs around six thousand dollars, maybe more depending on where you get it.

Now, to laser liposuction. Laser liposuction or SmartLipo only requires local anesthetic, which is safer and tends to bring less complications to the game than old liposuction. There is some tightening of skin where the lasers are used. Due to the use of lasers, there is very little trauma inflicted on the body which means recovery is a lot faster.

The fat itself is squeezed out of the incisions or carefully suctioned out. It’s a lot easier than old liposuction as the laser has already broken the fat down into a liquid form, making it a lot less tough on the body than if you were dragging solid fat out of you. You won’t even need stitches; you can get to work in a day or two. It’s even cheaper, despite the image of a lightsaber – five thousand dollars for a shot at your abdomen.

So Aside From Being Fancy, Safer and Cheaper

If you’ve ever seen an old liposuction video on a documentary, in person or on television, you know how brutal it looks. It actually seems like they’re shoving a vacuum cleaner into your gut to clean it out. It’s not even accurate as people can only do so much, no matter how good they are, with their hands. You may nick a few things. There’s a ton of collateral damage to be expected from it, which led to the need for general anesthetic and a longer recovery period. Laser liposuction is more precise. Brute force is no longer necessary, allowing for accuracy and control that a hose cannot give.

Interestingly, this ease make the entire procedure shorter. Old liposuction methods, as mentioned, can leave loose skin where the fat used to be. This, then, requires another procedure to get rid of the unsightly flaps, often a face or neck lift or tummy tuck where the fat used to be to make it look more appealing. With the laser, you actually end up tightening the skin as well, as part of the procedure.

Post Procedure Detail

As stated above, people who opt for laser liposuction can probably get to work within a couple of days. Compression bandages are still necessary, however, but for a much shorter time. Old liposuction has them on you for a month and a half while laser liposuction requires it for around two weeks. The result is also generally permanent. Fat cells are limited in adults; people don’t actually get new fat cells, they just get fat cells that expand.


Of course, with the coming of any kind of new technology comes polarization and care. While on paper, laser liposuction seems like the better choice, some experts are less than thrilled with its existence. While most of them do admit that it is a potentially helpful method, they don’t see it as the second coming of liposuction. Some of them don’t even think that it will ever replace the old kind of liposuction; not soon at least. Even people who are proponents of laser liposuction are careful in their claims, calling it an advancement in technology rather than a miracle.

Light Them Up

But is it for you? The best way to find out is to simply consult with a doctor. Perhaps, there is something about your particular body that lends itself better to the more expensive old timey liposuction. Perhaps, you’d be best serve putting your body under the tender care of a technological advantage.

Whatever the case, it is still a major investment of both time, money and some pain. Make sure that it is really what you want before you go traipsing into a doctor’s office for a laser liposuction.


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