Making Your Very Own Ring Blanks

May 8, 2016

Making Your Very Own Ring Blanks

Ring blanks are a very unique and beautiful jewelry item that come in countless different shapes and sizes as per the need of the user. There is a whole market based on these ornaments and they attract people for a lot of different reasons. The first one is the fact that they come in a range of different sizes and shapes which means that everyone can have their own pick. The materials that they are made of are also of various kinds but the most commonly used material is sheet metal. While you can buy these extremely useful things from retail shops, there is also a choice for you to make your own. The method, as you will see is surprisingly easy and straightforward. In this article you will find out about the different tools that are used in the manufacturing of ring blanks and all the processes involved. Read on to get the full information about these tools.

Sheet metal

This is the most commonly used raw material for making these bands and you can easily find them in any store that sells jewelry supplies. You can get them for a good price and start making your own blanks. All you need to do the whole process is a soldering iron, ring sharpener, metal snips and metal files.

Metal clay

This combination makes one of the best types of blanks and uses a mixture in which clay is mixed with small particles of metal, usually silver, gold or bronze and then turned into a band. This results in a very unique and beautiful style of ring blank which looks absolutely stunning. This process also allows a lot of flexibility in terms of the size of the ring as it is first turned into a mixture and then torched with a butane torch which removes breaks off the clay part and only the metallic part remains. While doing this you can derive any shape or size in the ring that you may desire to create.


A very novel and popular approach towards creating ring blanks is the use of thick wires. All you need is a very thick and strong wire and a pair of pliers. A range of different shapes and sizes of pliers are usually used to create unique shapes of the rings, all of which can stand out from each other. Usually a set or three or more than 3 wires are used to do this and because of the amount of flexibility that this style has, the ring blanks can be of absolutely any shape or size and at the finishing part, further embellishments can be added to increase the beauty of the ring. These can be any of the different stones and gems available everywhere.

No matter what process you use or what material you decide to use in the making these ring blanks, the final result is always eye catching and doing it yourself instead of buying it from the market can not only save you a lot of money but also provide you with a fun activity that can last for hours if you want. You can find out a huge variety of ring blanks at pandahall .

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