How to Make Your Own Fun Fizzy Bath Bombs

August 3, 2016

What is the best way to unwind after a stressful day? Jump into a hot bath and feel those tight muscles start to relax. Feel the tensions release as you sink into the warmth around you. What could make this better? Bath bombs! Imagine champagne fizzing all around you, tiny bubbles bursting against your skin. • Read More »

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Wearing Wigs As Protective Styles For Natural Hair

July 29, 2016

When your hair is in transition from being relaxed to being in its natural state, it needs protective styling to help retain new growth. But even after your hair has completed the process of transitioning, protective styles for natural hair should be worn to help prevent breakage and to generally help keep your hair and • Read More »

Babyliss Straightening Iron – An Industry Leader

July 27, 2016

The Babyliss straightening iron offers professional results to everyone who values great hair. Frizz is the order of the day for most people and getting it off may be hard. With Babyliss range of flat irons, you can easily knock frizz off and keep them off your hair. There are several Babyliss straightening iron models • Read More »


The Project Supported By Well – Known Clothing Brand Parajumpers

July 22, 2016

The Parajumpers brand is a prestigious international company active in the clothing sector with a special collection of outerwear Parajumpers thanks to the line of chiefs practical, durable and sports, has conquered the tastes of many international customers from all over the globe Parajumpers is one of the major brand of clothing internationally, thanks to • Read More »

Best Product for Curly Hair

July 17, 2016

People with curly hair have to ensure that they take a different approach to their hair care, and for sure it can be often little difficult in choosing the best product for curly hair. Even though, having a very beautiful and well manageable hair may be challenging to some extent, but one has to learn • Read More »

Efficient Tips On Using Quality Pencils For Eye Lining

July 9, 2016

The eyeliner pencils are the simplest method to be applied for eye lining your eyes. These quality pencils arrive in a wonderful range of shades and varying thickness. You can also come across self-sharpening eyeliner pencils, which do not require any sharpening by a separate eye pencil sharpener, and pencils that arrive in 2 shades • Read More »

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Eyebrow Shapes For Your Face Shape

July 6, 2016

The shape of your face can determine a lot of things, and since your face is the focal point, it’s good to be certain what looks good on you and your face. Today, we are going to focus first on determining your face shape and what shape your eyebrows should be. For an oval face • Read More »

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Strategy For Fat Brides To Choose Wedding Dresses

June 26, 2016

It is easy to choose a suitable wedding dress for a good figure bride , but is not so easy for fat brides.Actually when fat brides select the right wedding dresses they can also be very beautiful and charming. Now let AngelDress recommend four wedding gowns that are suitable for fat brides. 1.

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