Pakistani Fashion Is Redefining Universally

August 14, 2016

Pakistani designers like Ayesha Somaya, Deepak Parwani, Faraz Manan, Sania Maskatiya and the label they represent need no introduction. They have already gained fame both internationally and locally because of their creative work. Their work is the great illustration of their talent. Their exclusive designed clothes are appreciated by all over the world due to uniqueness and styles. They have achieved so many awards not just only in Pakistan but also in different countries of Europe, and Asia. The biggest example of the popularity of Pakistani designers is the Bulgarian fashion Awards, in which design house of Deepak Parwani has been awarded the title of worlds sixth most innovative brand. This shows how much respect is given to the designers of Pakistan around the world. They have been respected and appreciated in all the fashion awards which held in Pakistan and outside Pakistan.

Same as Deepak Parwani, the other name which represents the fashion of Pakistan across the borders is Ayesha Somaya. Her name is very familiar and popular among the people especially in women because she designs only for female. As a female designer, she has to be very careful while designing clothes for the women because she has certain limits due to the culture of Pakistan. She carefully designs dresses which shouldnt be against her countrys culture. When an interviewer asked Ayesha Somaya about the hurdles of female designers which they are facing in Pakistan, she replied, The females designers were faced more hurdles in the past as compared to the present. Now, women have more freedom and express their talent and skills in every profession which they didnt in the old days.

There are 100s of fashion shows in the world showcase dresses of several designers every day but not every designer has the ability to mesmerize the audience by his unbelievable and eye-catching fashion collection. Pakistani fashion is making its impression at a global echelon. Best designers of Pakistan take part in the fashion shows worldwide like Lakme Fashion Week and many more. The audience of fashion shows highly appreciates those designers whose dresses are different from the others. In Pakistan, people follow fashion shows because they want to stay up to date about the newest fashion.

Since internet goes viral in Pakistan, people easily get all the info about the latest designs of Pakistani dresses. Different apparel sites are searched on the daily basis in Pakistan because people take a deep interest in the fashion. Total searches about fashion and apparel have been increased during the last 6 years which clearly indicates how much interest in the fashion has been taken by the people of Pakistan.

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