Perfume Vs Cologne

August 3, 2017

Perfume Vs Cologne

Perfume vs cologne? Is there even a difference? While it isn’t a question that’s likely to change the course of lives around the world, it is a question that provokes some thought. On the most basic level, most people actually think that perfume is for women and cologne is for men. On that level, they’re right.

Basic Perfume Facts

Before even considering any sort of discussion on perfume, lovers of the stuff almost always need to take a glance at France, where it came from. There is a general consensus that it has the best perfume in the world, as they turned the Egyptian invention into a true art and science.

Perfume doesn’t actually have one scent. It has three and layered, the way a cake or a parfait is layered. This was done because of one single fact; any scent, no matter how strong or thick, will fade, given enough time. Of course, some smells fade sooner than others. By layering or combining these scents into the perfume, the user is assured of a fabulous scent whether they’re on the top, middle or bottom layer or note of perfume scent.

While that means that your scent will change as the day goes by, generally each layer carries the same tone and quality. Of course, with the passing of time, other countries have also developed their own scents, so you don’t necessarily have to shop French to get quality perfume.

Basic Cologne Facts

Now, cologne only has one layer and as such, is single scented, making it a tad less potent than its three-layered cousin. Colognes tend to come in spray, though some can be applied by splashing it onto the skin. While weaker, it can still be easily over-applied if too much is put onto one area. Often, women using cologne opt for a softer touch, slinking into a room with a soft, delicate scent rather than a booming smell. Most men and women achieve the right application of cologne simply by spraying it into the air in front of them, closing or covering their eyes and stepping through the mist.

Perfume Vs Cologne

It’s a matter of taste, although if you’re going to be somehow too busy to apply another dose through the day, perfume is best. For short and relatively quick occasions, cologne might suit you better. It depends on the kind of scent you want to have. Both perfume and cologne and work well in just about any social occasion.

Choosing the right scent is vital, as scent is a powerful trigger for memories and emotions. In fact, some even say it’s the most powerful one. Some women and men actually use one constantly, to develop a signature scent. One people sniff it, they’ll either remember her or know that he or she is there. Make sure to pick one that you feel represents you best. There are plenty of websites out there that can help you pick the exact perfume or cologne for that unforgettable smell that you want to achieve.

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