Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos – Should You?

April 3, 2017

Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos - Should You?

More and more women are looking into the idea of how to perfect their bodies, looks, etc. Well, what’s become so popular now is starting with the frame of the face by adding those perfect new look of permanent eyebrows.

This is a new idea that more and more women are looking into getting eyebrows and other permanent procurements done. Here are some things that you should be looking at before jumping right in and getting your eyebrows. You need to find a trustworthy, good, experienced make up artist. In this matter don’t be thinking cheaper is better. Remember there are no official licenses for make up artist. Though permanent eyebrows are just art work on your face, you will need to find a good artist, these will be eyebrows that you will have for the rest of your life.

Some great benefits of having permanent eyebrows:

No more caring, doing make up, and hassling with your eyebrows.

Active women are enjoying the fact that permanent eyebrows are smear and smudge free.

Permanent eyebrows are a great way to go if you want to cover up hair loss or scars.

Women who are allergic to make up or other cosmetics, permanent eyebrows are sometimes the best way to go.

Some negatives to getting permanent eyebrows:

You are stuck with what you end up with. While you can do other steps to have them redone or laser treatment you’re talking more money, and not knowing how it’s going to end up looking again.

This is a tattoo and many people have complained that it has faded away as the yeas have gone by.

Many people complain that they look fake, and this is just another reason of why you need to get the best make up artist you can find.

Lastly, some will question the idea of does this really save you money and is it really worth the money.

The most important steps when looking for permanent eyebrows are the new look you are wanting needs to be or match the idea that is in your mind, and find the right make up artist that can put that new imagine and complete it while making it perfect like you want.

Women are wanting the natural look of soft, full, perfectly shaped eyebrows. While this is a difficult process of making your permanent eyebrows look natural and perfect. Some things you need to consider through this process. Color is a major factor of how your new looking eyebrows are going to turn out. Research artists who can make the right corrections for you. Rather you are looking for skin tone, alterations, corrections, etc of your eyebrows. Some artists specialize in different aspects of permanent eyebrows.

Lastly, the angle of new eyebrows is another thing that you should be researching and making sure you and your artist are completely understanding each other. Continue to narrow and find that perfect artist for you. The one that will deliver the natural, soft, perfected angle eyebrows of your dream.


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