Product Review: Clinique City Cover Compact Concealer SPF15

November 28, 2016

Product Review: Clinique City Cover Compact Concealer SPF15

Can you imagine life without concealers? I can’t. Especially if you are a makeup enthusiast, without concealer how could one go on with her beauty routine and hide all the evidence of stress? Those dark under-eye circles, spots and blemishes and skin discoloration. For me, concealers would have to be one of the best cosmetic inventions of all times. It doesn’t only hides these unwanted dark spots but it minimizes fine lines as well. If you have naturally clear skin, you can even go on with just your favorite concealer and you will look fresh all throughout the day.

Concealers come in different types, from sticks to liquid that comes in a tube, to creamy concealers that comes in pots and palettes. For the right shade it is advised to choose one to two shades lighter to perfectly match and set your whole look.

Cream concealers are best used for under-eye areas and blemishes, and my personal favorite when it comes to concealers would have to the cream ones like Clinique City Compact Concealer with SPF15. It is oil free and is ideal for all skin types.

It comes in a compact size which can fit into your tiny purse for quick touch-ups. It also has a mirror and a tiny brush applicator which is easy to use, though I prefer using my fingers when applying this product.

What I like most about Clinique City Cover Concealer is its creamy consistency. It is so smooth and easy to apply and blend and it works well with most of my foundation. It doesn’t crease especially when applied under the eyes and it stays long and remains lightweight. Its has a clean and natural looking coverage that makes it perfect for those who has a consistent under eye area problem, like me.

Another thing that I like about this product is its brightening effect on me. I chose two shades lighter, and when applied under my eyes and it brightens up my whole look without the ‘cakey’ outcome. This product can certainly help eliminate redness as well as skin discoloration, though I don’t think the concealer alone can completely cover serious acne. But it can help diminish it along with your favorite foundation.

Clinique City Cover Compact Concealer also has SPF15 and is also said to contain antioxidants that helps protect your skin from the sun and other harsh elements that the environment can bring. This product is also Opthalmologist tested and Non-acnegenic. An amazing products that not only makes you look good but takes care of your skin as well, it is totally a great purchase.

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