Rock N’ Roll Style: 50 Shades Of Black

March 16, 2017

Rock N' Roll Style: 50 Shades Of Black

This summer has seen some amazing new fashion trends, as well as some classic looks revisited. One of our favourite revisited styles this season is the glamorous, rocked-out look of all black! And the best thing about it is you can also seamlessly slip into Fall with this timeless fashion statement, because black is one of those colours that goes with everything, for all occasions, and in every season!

Also, the most surprising part of this trend is that all the old rules about wearing black are no longer valid! You can mix different shades and textures of black on top of each otherno more worries about having different blacks! You can also wear black to weddings, to work, or just for a night out with friends so what are you waiting for?

Basic Black: What you need to get this look right now:

Transparent Tops: One of the most popular items this season has been vintage concert t-shirts. From heavy metal to country to 80s pop, as long as its a black concert tee, youre doing it right! But if you are looking for a more sophisticated look, black lace or see-through materials are definitely the way to go. Wear a black tank top or bra under your black lace top for going out on the town; or wear a translucent flowy black top for an elegant, feminine look. Tone it down with a black blazer on top for daytime or more casual situations.

Black Jeans: If you dont have a pair of black skinny jeans, you dont know what you are missing! They will go with your entire wardrobe, and happen to be on the cutting edge of fashion. Wide-leg, high-rise and boyfriend jeans are also very in this Fall, but when it comes to black, sleek and skinny is still the best cut.

Sassy Shoes: It goes without saying that shoes are a girls best asset when it comes to fashion, and black is a classic colour for this versatile accessory. Whether your style is stiletto heels, flat sandals, ballet flats, or trainers, you will find some amazing models of black shoes online right now. We recommend a pair of cute heels or ankle boots to dress up your skinny jeans, or a pair of sandals for a more casual daytime style.

Dont forget to complete the look with some eyeliner and lip gloss. Minimal makeup is still the trend for summer, but when you make a statement by wearing the chic all-black style, its important that the rest of you doesnt disappear. Finding a balance to compliment your outfit is key!

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