RTi Hair Straightener

June 8, 2017

With such strength, durability and excellent heating abilities it’s no surprise why you would want a titanium hair straightener. This natural element is well known and loved for its impressively fast performance and light weight which have women replacing their old ceramic straighteners with titanium. And who’s to blame them?

Titanium’s biggest advantage is its incredibly fast heat up time which cuts down on the wait and on the time it takes to straighten hair. But not only does it heat up quickly, titanium is also famous for reaching those fiery hot temperatures that get hair straightening done in a flash. This is great news for women with thick, coarse and difficult hair types who would usually take longer and use more energy straightening their hair. But it’s not so great for thin and fragile haired women who should use the least amount of heat possible. This definitely limits titanium to a certain crowd but it still doesn’t stop it from beating ceramic with its incredible speed and performance.

Although titanium differs from ceramic’s slow and steady heating, it still shares a few of its advantages such as the technologies used to enhance the hair while protecting it from damage. These are called far infrared heating and negative ion technology. Far infrared heating is a safer and softer heating method that instead of giving your hair the full blown effect of dry, harsh heat, it actually protects your locks from heat damage by warming your hair from the inside and preserving its natural moisture. This promises a healthier look and safer straightening or styling. Now as for ionic technology, this component smoothes down the frizzies to produce silky soft locks that will be much more relaxed and manageable. It also speeds up the heating process so that you can use less heat but receive better results.

But there’s no need to put titanium against ceramic when there are hair straightener brands that put titanium with ceramic, like the Karmin Titanium which uses all the benefits of solid titanium plates for speed, strength, resistance and light weight but enhances its protective properties with the addition of pure ceramic heating elements. This gives the Karmin Titanium all the power that this natural element has to offer but also gives it the gentleness of ceramic to provide you with the ultimate hair straightening experience.

Brands like this give titanium hair straightener’s a good name, so invest well in your locks and treat yourself to a professional titanium hair straightener like Karmin for the shiniest, sleekest and healthiest results imaginable.

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