Strategy For Fat Brides To Choose Wedding Dresses

June 26, 2016

Strategy For Fat Brides To Choose Wedding Dresses

It is easy to choose a suitable wedding dress for a good figure bride , but is not so easy for fat brides.Actually when fat brides select the right wedding dresses they can also be very beautiful and charming. Now let AngelDress recommend four wedding gowns that are suitable for fat brides.

1. Strapless bridal dress with slightly show curve design

Strapless dress with slightly show curve design won’t appear too stiff and also can be good to highlight the bride’s curve of the chest. The fold design of waist cleverly spin the bride’s curve of the lower body. The lace scattered on the satin wedding dress sends out a pearly luster and foil the bride’s elegant temperament.

2: Sexy shallow v-neck wedding dress design

This shallow v-neck wedding dress can highlight the fat brides’ plentiful full chest, which can attract people’s attention to the bride’s upper body . The fluent line design of the shoulder can not only modify the bride fleshy arms, but also let the bride exudes the unique beauty and charm. Besides the concise waisted design in the wasit let marriage gauze say goodbye to the dull, and also show the curve of the brides’ waists.

3. Spaghetti Strap bridal gowns

Spaghetti Strap bridal gowns are not the patent of thin brides, fat brides can also cleverly adopted this design. when Fat brides choose wedding dress, they also can highlight their fruity characteristics. For example in this spaghetti strap wedding gown, the delicate straps and decoration in the waist foil with each other, in combination with joint chest design and smooth lines of lower body fit the brides rounded shape and become more dignified.

4. Vintage wedding dress

Cleverly use yarn and lace to create the curve of the bride’s figure. And the lace design in the shoulder cover the fleshy arm of the bride, and add a few sexy flavour. In addition the waist drape lace design, can show the bride’s waist. From the waist down to both sides extension lines, let the wedding dresses say goodbye to the ordinary at the same time and also stretch the line of sight, which also make the bride appear more slender.

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