Tell You The Secret To Maintain Wedding Gowns

January 20, 2017

Tell You The Secret To Maintain Wedding Gowns

Putting on a wedding dress for every girl is a beautiful dream! Although you will wear it only once, but maybe you still will choose to buy one for your own. So, how to maintain the wedding gown after dress up ? Below AngelDress will tell you the secret to maintain wedding dresses.

1. Make clear the texture. At the time of purchase wedding dress, don’t forget to ask about the material of marriage garment, attached beads and small flash. After finding out the quality of the material of wedding dress, you can know what should pay attention to the details in the maintenance.

2. The wedding dress cleaning. After finish wearing the wedding dress, you should wash it as soon as possible. If there is wine or champagne on your wedding dresses, you should immediately take a towel under your dress and then use white vinegar or detergent to scrub, and then use water absorbent paper to blot up so as not to leave a mark.

Wet cleaning should note that the small ornament on the dress, such as beads, sequins, etc., is can’t afford to dry cleaning chemical erosion. You’d better put the wedding dress in warm water that mix with neutral detergent and soak for a while and then wash. Don’t use washing machine to wash the dress and dehydration, otherwise it will cause the loss of the ornament.

Besides, there are some of the wedding gowns that need to be dry-cleaned, especially silk, acetate fiber, rayon and wool material. Must use the appropriate solvent to wash carefully, and know the type and location of the blot, otherwise there will be residual. If it is sent to the laundry dry cleaning, later you should open the package check over the dress carefully.

3. The dry of marriage gauze. After rinsing the wedding dress, dry it in a cool ventilated place, don’t put it in the hot sun exposure. When drying, try to dig out clothes to prevent sun point-blank clothes outline, because sun exposure can cause color difference of clothing. In addition, it is best not to hang dry, it will make wedding deformation, it should be sretched out to air.

4. The AngelDress wedding dress collection. Bridal gown should be put in a cool and dry place, such as a closet or under the bed, do not put it in the attic or basement, the former can make the wedding dress heat and fade, the latter can lead to mildew. And don’t hang to store, for a long time, the vertical force of the wedding dress will make the skirt stretch and torn.

The big hoops within wedding dress can be turned up to preserve, but every year dry clothes, you should let the dress hoop restore to noraml form, so as not to lose flexibility. In addition one thind should be remind of is that before preserve the dress you must wash your hands, don’t stick on cosmetic, otherwise after a long time it will have small macula on your bridal gown.

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