The Return Of The Little Black Dress

November 12, 2016

The Return Of The Little Black Dress

There are classic wardrobe items, and then there are AMAZING timeless pieces. The little black cocktail dress is one of those great fashion items that always comes back around, defiantly ignoring passing trends. This is one of those gorgeous pieces that you may only wear once or twice a year, but when you do, you will get noticed! This season, short dresses are trendy, and the little black dress is no exception. Why not take advantage of this trend and invest in a black dress that you can wear for many seasons to come? Well give you five reasons you need this item in your closet!

5 Reasons Why We Love The Little Black Cocktail Dress

1. It can be worn in any season. For a formal do in the Spring or Summer, or a holiday do for work or with friends in Winter, this dress is as versatile as they come. It’s up to you to make the look your own!

2. Change your look each time. Update your little black dress to current seasons and fashion trends by accessorizing. Jewelry, hats, bags, coats and shoes are all trendy pieces that change with the seasons. Get a new look each time you wear your pretty black dress!

3. You are never over or under-dressed with this outfit! The little black dress is formal enough to pass at any wedding or holiday party, but also casual enough to pass during cocktail hour at a local bar or a meal out with friends. Again, accessorizing is key! For an original look pair it with some black leather Converse, or for a more traditional look, a pair of black high heels.

4. Instant glam. As soon as you put on your little black dress, you will feel sophisticated and glamorous! The colour black is the perfect neutral palette to show off your own personal style while remaining simple and classy.

5. A nod to the great style icons. Some of our favourite fashionable women like Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy are best recognized in classic black dresses. They knew how to get attention with classic fashion, and when you wear yours, you will certainly turn heads too!

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