Wholesale Fancy Dress Costumes Ideas From Movies

November 18, 2016

Wholesale Fancy Dress Costumes Ideas From Movies

There often comes a time when people search to get the finest fancy dress outfit but they cant make up their minds when it comes to themes.You can always take help from the movies to find some attractive ones. Following are some ideas that you should keep in mind.

Get fancy dress costume ideas from the Harry Potter Movies

Let us consider that you are a big fan of Harry potter, the boy, and his mates.You can get a lot of help from this movie. The result of this extraordinary attempt, the movie become a box office hit and in this way, your fancy dress could get a chance to make you win big.

You dont have to depend all on the movie, you can also dress like a teenage wizard or a witch. Not only this will make you look cool but this is also an affordable option. The most important accessory of this look is that the costume should consist of a black cape that all the gather around in, and if you can afford it, try to purchase a red scarf that goes with the whole Harry Potter look.

If you choose to dress just like Harry, you must most certainly get yourself a pair of his round glasses and also get that scar he has for which he is very famous.

Girls can always choose to look like the cutie Hermione Granger.Like the boys, she herself wears a school uniform, and also a black cape and you can add a little touch of brown curly hair which she has.

The next cool item you should add to complete the whole wizard look is that you should have a fake wand with which you can cast spells on other people.

Get fancy dress costume ideas from the Twilight Movie Series

When it comes to Halloween, you can always take a look at the Twilight movies to get a scary look for your wholesale fancy dress costumes. The story of the movie revolves around both ware wolves and vampires, which can be a perfect look for Halloween.

Mostly boys like to dress like Edward Cullen, the vampire that always has a complicated look on his face. He is like a fashionable vampire because his style of dressing is both casual and good. All of these accessories can be most conveniently be found from a nearby shopping mall. The most important accessory when it comes to Edward Cullen is that you have to put on some whiteness on your face and make the look complete. You can use a white powder.

The powder will give the undead effect. However, they didnt use any powders on his face but since you are doing this at home, so you can do this. Most importantly, dont forget to buy yourself a fake pair of fangs.

Girls can always choose to dress up like the love sick Bella Swan. These are the two major looks that you should opt for. So, start looking for such wholesale fancy dress costumes today.

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