You Can Keep Your Leather Garments Live For Years

March 26, 2017

You Can Keep Your Leather Garments Live For Years

It is very true that jackets made of leather are normally expensive but stylish and they can remain in the same style & wearable if a proper care is given for its keeping, washing, cleaning & storing etc. To purchase a leather jacket, it has to keep in mind that choosing the type of leather is the core area to be concerned with. Following types of jackets are worn in leather;


It is the commonly used type of leather and it is treated with the chemical aniline.


It is one of the softest leather, widely used and it is made from the softer underside of the animals hide


Nubuck is also one of the soft hides as it is also made from the top side of the animals hide.


Nappa is known to be the softest hide of all. It is made by lamb or sheep hides.

Precautions While Wearing Leather Garments

Before you wear your leather garments, it is essential to take some precautions so that it will help your garment not to lose its shape or color. To go on with this strategy, it is to keep in mind that a protector shall be used for the protection of a leather garment because it keeps the stains & grains away. The protector has to be used once in a year such as liquids or sprays so that the garment shall stay safe for a long time.

Avoid carrying heavy items in pockets because it will misshape the jacket.

Applying alcoholic spray on leather leaves stains or makes the garment discolor.

Avoid attaching labels, badges or pins because it may stretch the leather and it will misshape it.

How to Make Jackets Clean

Cleaning of a leather jacket is a process and it has to be carried out in a gentle way. If buy a leather jacket & your jacket is protected well from upper stains & grains, you should be ready to get it cleaned from the inner line because your garment does not only get dirty from the upper side but the inner side also gets dirty from the perspiration or body oil.

If the garments inner side is washable then you can have it washed with a detergent and after washing, hang it comfortably on a hanger so that your garment shall not lose its original shape.

How to Store Jackets

It is the part which plays the most important role in preventing damages to the fabric. Storing a leather jacket in a dry & cool place, away from sunlight prevents the garment to get damaged. Avoid keeping it in a wet place or around the moisture area because absorbing moisture damages the leather fabric very quickly as it leaves wet spots or stains on it. Hanging the jacket on a hanger also matters, if it is not hanged properly, it may lose its shape.

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